casey jean♥ (live4simpleplan) wrote in electricxheartx,
casey jean♥

♥ I wanna join!!

name: Casey
age: 13
sex: girl
location: tonawanda
style: preppy
role model: my mom
goals: live a happy life, die with the one I love
graphics-I cant make them, but I like getting them, and I can make them if someone teaches me =]
promote us-sure
why should we accept you-because I like getting graphics and seeing what everyone can do and I could learn to make them

color: pink and blue
actor: shane west, adam brody, ben mackenzie, chad michael murray
actress: mandy moore, rachel bilson, sophia bush
tv show: the oc, one tree hill
movie: grease, a walk to remember
food: churros, mozzarala sticks, cereal
shop: american eagle, hollister, abercrombie, aero
band: simple plan, blink 182, something corporate, the rocket summer
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