XOXO.DANII.XOXO (material_girlx3) wrote in electricxheartx,

name dani
age 13
sex female
location new york
style i like to change my style along with my mood...im mostly vintage preppy & girly girl.
role model paris hilton. i think she is beautiful and smart.
goals i want to become famous...i would love to be an heiress and follow in paris hilton's footsteps. like that would ever happen tho...
graphics i dont know how to make them but i really would like to learn how.
promote us if i get accepted i will deffinetly promote in my info and anywhere else you would like me to.
why i should be accepted because i would love to become a part of this community and help it grow by promoting everywhere...and i am a total eljay whore so i will deffinetly be an active member.

color pink...pretty much any shade of pink is really cute. almost all of my clothes (the shirts) are pink.
actor oliver james. i think he is a really good actor/singer/guitar player...oh and of course he is really hott!!
actress paris hilton is my idol...enough said?
tv show the simple life & summerland
movie what a girl wants & raise your voice. oliver james is in both of them...that pretty much says why they're my favorite...!! i also love meet the fockers.
food buffalo chicken wings
shop abercrombie & american eagle...and vintage shops are realy fun to shop in but none in particular.
band i love all of eminem's songs...and i love natalie (she sings the new song going crazy) but i don't really have a favorite band.

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OK 2 things:

+++Chicken wings (YUM!)
----- but your goal is to follow the footsteps of Paris? I mean thats all thats happend to her why don't you want to live your own life??

I'll have to think about this.. not a yes, but not a no.

maybe the way that i typed it sounded different then the way i meant for it to sound...i am not trying to be the next paris hilton. i just think that she is beautiful and i would love to be an heiress...even though i know im not going to be. i want to live my own life...as being an heiress...being LIKE paris hilton...not following directly in her footsteps, but just using them as help.
...did that make any sense at all? i feel...confused.
+BUFFALO wings
++++what a girl wants