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name: Karoline
age: 13
sex: female
location: little rhode island .. where big dreams come true
style : it kinda depends .. i'm very girly and preppy .. i love polo shirts and skirts .. thats what i wear the most
role model: my mom! she is amazing !! i look up to her so0o much !!
goals: to be a fashion stylist for someone famous wen i'm older .. i love fashion and my friends think i'm good at picking out clothes 4 them
graphics: well .. i'm working on learning how to make them
promote us: of course .. i'll promote you in my community and others and i'll tell my friends about this community
why i should be accepted: because i love pretty much everything listed in your interest list ! it just seems so0o perfect for me !

color: pink !! and i also like turqouise !!
actor: idk .. its either Jesse McCaartney or Adam Brody .. both are very hott !!
actress: lindsay lohan and jamie lynn spears and alexis bledel
tv show: The OC
movie: Mean Girls, A Cinderella Story, Fever Pitch, Finding Nemo, The Notebook, The Ring, Hitch, and like tons more
food: strawberry ice cream
shop: aeropastale, nordstroms, american eagle, kohls, filenes
band: umm idk .. i dont listen to a lot of bands .. the band i listen to most is probably Good Charlotte or Simple Plan or Green Day.. but if i had to pick my fave singer than it would be Jesse McCartney or Kelly Clarkson!!
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